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Why Progressive  Debt  Relief?

We charge no fees until a debt has been successfully negotiated for you. We help or we don't get paid.


Debt Relief Service Provider

Our commitment to the clients we represent begins from the moment we are contacted for help until the last debt is resolved. Our counselors are trained to objectively evaluate your case, while arming our potential clients with the pros and cons of their choices.

Education Center

Helpful Financial Forms - Download financial forms.

Credit Cards - Learn about important terms before applying for a credit card.

Consumer Rights - Learn about your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Debt Warning Signs - Learn about the warning signs of debt.

Credit Scores - Learn about credit scores and why they are so important.

Telemarketing Scams - Top 10 telemarketing scams.

Money Saving Tips - Tips to help you save money.

Consumer Debt Statistics - Detailed consumer debt statistics in the U.S.

Debt Management Plan - How debt management helps you.

Credit Repair - How credit repair helps you.

Foreclosure Prevention - How and why to prevent foreclosure.

No Upfront Fees

Progressive Debt Relief charges no upfront fees to settle or negotiate your debts. This assures we are always working hard to get you results.

Free Consultation

Get a free debt relief consultation from one of our certified counselors or click below to download your free application.

Debt Relief Solution OptionsClick here to view some frequently asked questions about debt relief options including debt settlement, debt management, and refinancing.

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